Saturday, January 2, 2016

Summary of Interesting Posts

Here is the summary of some of the interesting posts:

Data Structure Implementations
Stack Implementation in Java (here)
Binary Search Tree implementation in Java (here)
AVL BST Implementation in Java (here)

Java Interesting Posts
A very interesting problem related to Java Concurrency (here)
Computing execution time using CountDownLatch and CyclicBarrier (here)
Is multithreading really worth it (here)
How CAS (Compare And Swap) in Java 8 works? (here)
Lock, ReentrantLock, ReentrantReadWriteLock and StampedLock in Java (here)
ExecutorService vs ExecutorCompletionService in Java (here)
Writing custom spliterator in Java 8 (here)

Java Interview Questions
Core Java Interview Questions (Part OnePart TwoTough Ones)

Java Basics
Abstract class vs Interface in Java 8 (here)
What are nested classes and why do we need them in Java 8 (here)
Default methods in Java 8 (here)
Volatile: Atomicity, Visibility and Ordering (here)
CyclicBarrier and its internal implementation in Java (here)
Why and how to use Phaser in Java? (here)
Overview of Enum in Java (here)

Flex Interesting Posts
Designing and developing Stock Ticker application in Flex (Part OneTwo and Three)
Understanding Spark Button Source Code
How can we remove binding in Flex?
How dictionary works in Flex?
Array, ArrayList, ListCollectionView and ArrayCollection
Problem with ObjectUtil's copy() method
How can we remove Binding on Object in Flex?
BlazeDS, LCDS and Flex-Java Integration
BlazeDS Scaling Issues
How to get time taken by the application to load in Flex?
Digital Clock: Custom Component
How dictionary works in Flex
Why to avoid binding if possible?

Flex Interview Questions
Flex Interview Questions (Good, Tough Ones)
Binding (Part One, Two and Three)
Events (Part One and Two)
Investment Bank Flex Interview Questions
Parsley Framework (Part One and Two)

Tough Logical Puzzles

Partition of a Number
Intersection of two linked lists in Y shape

Good Java and Flex Books

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